Values and Learning Dispositions

Our Values

Learning Dispositions

Dispositions – Innovator, Risk Taker, Collaborator, Thinker, Self Regulator
Cultural integration: The cultural diversity in our school allows us to demonstrate, model and grow the Learning Dispositions of visible learners, using role models from our iwi, Ngāti Whakaue and Te Arawa history. 
  • Ihenga – Innovator  

    Ihenga was a famous explorer from Rotorua.  He displayed the Learning Disposition of an ‘Innovator’.  Ihenga discovered many local areas, he was curious about our area and problem solving when caught in tricky situations.

  • Hinemoa – Risk-taker  

    The love story of Hinemoa and Tūtanekai is well-known.  Hinemoa displayed the Learning Disposition of a ‘Risk-taker’ by swimming great lengths in Lake Rotorua-a-Kahumatamomoe to be with her lover Tūtanekai on Mokoia Island also known as Te Motu Tapu a Tinirau.

  • Tamatekapua – Collaborator  

    Local Chief and Rangatira, Tamatekapua captained the Te Arawa waka.  He displays the Learning Disposition of a ‘Collaborator.’  Tamatekapua was known to collaborate and communicate with his people within his iwi and with those outsides of the Te Arawa areas.

  • Te Ao-kapurangi – Thinker  

    Te Ao-kapurangi a well-known wahine of mana from Ngāti Pikiao.  She displays the Learning Disposition of a ‘Thinker’.  Te Ao-kapurangi saved many of her people from the death of Hone Heke of Ngā Puhi.

  • Ngātoro-i-rangi – Self-Regulator   Ngātoro-i-rangi travelled on the Te Arawa waka from Hawaiki to Te Arawa.  He displays the Learning Disposition as a Self-Regulator.